The Only 1921 Alfa Romeo G1 in Existence

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The 1921 Alfa Romeo G1

If you are following Alfa Romeo news then you probably already know all about classic 1921 Alfa Romeo G1. The G1 was the first car built after the brand change from A.L.F.A. to Alfa Romeo. It is an extremely unique piece of automotive history and only 52 models where ever produced including the 2 prototypes. The Alfa Romeo G1 was considered a luxury car for its time and was slated to be a major competitor to brands like Rolls Royce. Historical records seem to indicate that there was little commercial interest in the vehicle and the majority of these G1 models found their homes in Australia and New Zealand.

A recently discovered, and operational, Alfa Romeo G1 went on auction in January 2018. This particular Alfa Romeo G1 drew a lot of interest from collectors because it represents an era for Alfa Romeo where they were the dominate force in the racing world. To add to the allure, the 1921 Alfa Romeo G1 is still fully functional and drivable. After nearly 100 years this beautiful piece of history can still take to the road should any collector chose to do so.

The history behind this particular G1 is quite interesting. As the reported story goes, this Alfa Rome G1 was purchased by a business man in Australia as his personal luxury vehicle. This unnamed man fell on hard times and was forced to declare bankruptcy a few years later. The man hid the vehicle in order to prevent it from being taken by creditors. The man died a few years later and the G1 was left sitting for several years in its hiding spot.

In 1947, a couple of farmers found the vehicle sitting dormant and decided to get it operational to be used as a farm rig. The once luxury G1 now found a new life as a workhorse on this Australian farm. It was used by the farmers to round up and drive cattle. It spent several years operating as their primary workhorse until one unfortunate day when they crashed it into a tree. After this unfortunate accident the car must have been mostly un-drivable. It is reported that the farmers reconfigured the vehicle to be the power generator for their water pump. A rather sad ending for this illustrious vehicle, but quiet clever intuitive engineering on the part of the farmers.

The G1 operated as the power generator for the farms water pump until 1964 when it was acquired by an Alfa Romeo enthusiast, Ross Flewell-Smith. Ross Flewell-Smith spent the next 10 years restoring this beautiful Alfa Romeo G1. After restoration it spent most of its life participating in vintage car exhibitions. It changed owners a couple times after its restoration but would eventually find its way home to a New Zealand Alfa Romeo importer.

At Rairdon’s Alfa Romeo of Kirkland we are always excited to see unique pieces of our history take center stage in the automotive world. We will be following this auction to see where this unique piece of history finds its next home. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts about this one of a kind Alfa Romeo G1.

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