Alfa Romeo Ranks at the Top in Reliability According to Consumers

March 20th, 2018 by

Alfa Romeo Ranks at the Top in Reliability According to Consumers

The number one reason consumers flock to big brands is because of a healthy track record of reliability and dependability. There are dozens of manufactures in today’s market and every single one of them will boast that they make reliable vehicles. Who can blame them? No manufacturer wants to outright say, “Hey, these are cool cars but they’ll be in the shop every couple of months.” Most manufactures will run advertisements reaffirming their reliability and offer outlandish warranties just to offset any doubt. But we all know that reliable consumer reports are the only way to get a real perspective on the facts. That is why iNews took it on themselves to survey over 14,000 car owners in order to determine which cars were the most reliable according to consumers. At the top of that list, Alfa Romeo!

There is nothing worse than going to the dealership and driving away in a lemon. Whether consumers are out right buying or financing, they want to own cars that will last. Most people probably don’t think about reliability in brand new cars, but the truth is a lot of cars 0-3 years old still can have their problems. Over 14,000 consumers were surveyed about their new cars and the data was categorized by faults such as, battery, bodywork, brakes, engine, and electrical and then the data was analyzed. As expected, the top four cars consumers consider the most reliable were all Japanese, but the number five was Alfa Romeo.

Reliability by brand (cars 0-3yrs old) – Consumer report provided by iNews UK—Data collected from over 14,000 car owners.

Brand Score

· Lexus 92.1%
· Mitsubishi 90.8%
· Toyota 89.6%
· Suzuki 86.6%
· 5—Alfa Romeo 85.8%
· Honda 84.9%
· Hyundai 84.8%
· MG 83.4%
· Ford 82.1%
· Subaru 81.8%
· Kia 81.3%
· Audi 80.4%
· Skoda 80.1%
· Mini 79.6%
· Porsche 78.3%
· Mazda 77.9%
· BMW 77.6%
· Vauxhall 76.4%
· Dacia 75.9%
· Renault 75.4%
· Seat 75.2%
· Volkswagen 74.7%
· Mercedes-Benz 70.4%
· Fiat 70.2%
· Volvo 62.3%
· Jaguar 61.9%
· Peugeot 56.7%
· Citroën 55.2%
· Nissan 52.7%
· Tesla 52.4%
· Land Rover 50.6%
· Jeep 42.1%
Alfa Romeo offers some of the most luxurious and stylish vehicles on the market. A lot goes into engineering these masterpieces and it is always a joy to see that they live up to the consumer’s expectations. If you are curious about the reliability of the Alfa Romeo brand, then schedule a test drive today at Rairdon’s Alfa Romeo of Kirkland. Out award winning customer service team can help you find the perfect Alfa Romeo that fulfills all your desires.

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